Whitening Background (Free Preset)


Enhance product photos captured in a lightbox with a white background.

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Whitens the background of the photo and highlights the product

The ultimate go-to preset for product photographers. It enhances details and contrast, reduces blacks and shadows to a maximum, and achieves crisp white backgrounds to emphasize the product and its vibrant colors.

photo before using the free product Lightroom preset photo after using the free product Lightroom preset

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Compatibility and Features

  • Compatible with both desktop and mobile Lightroom version.
  • Each download includes all preset formats: .xmp, .dng and .lrtemplate.
  • Compatible with Lightroom for Mac and Windows.
  • Compatible with all Adobe Photoshop Lightroom® versions: Lightroom 4 or later, Adobe Lightroom CC Desktop 1.4 or later, Lightroom Classic & Lightroom Mobile app ( iOS & Android).
  • Works with all image and photo formats (.jpg, .png, .raw, .tiff...).
  • Also compatible with other photo editing softwares like Capture One & Luminar.
  • The xmp preset also works for Adobe Camera Raw, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • Detailed preset installation guide included.

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