Dark Background (Free Preset)


Creates a striking contrast between the background and the object, accentuating the product's lights and colors.

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Preset designed specifically for product photos featuring dark backgrounds

A preset tailored for product photography in dark environments with black backgrounds. It enhances contrast, shadows, and blacks, while intensifying colors to make them stand out on the product. Ideal for men’s brands and premium products.

photo before using the free product Lightroom preset
photo after using the free product Lightroom preset

This preset is part of our collection of the best free Lightroom presets for product photos.

Compatibility and Features

  • Compatible with both desktop and mobile Lightroom version.
  • Each download includes all preset formats: .xmp, .dng and .lrtemplate.
  • Compatible with Lightroom for Mac and Windows.
  • Compatible with all Adobe Photoshop Lightroom® versions: Lightroom 4 or later, Adobe Lightroom CC Desktop 1.4 or later, Lightroom Classic & Lightroom Mobile app ( iOS & Android).
  • Works with all image and photo formats (.jpg, .png, .raw, .tiff...).
  • Also compatible with other photo editing softwares like Capture One & Luminar.
  • The xmp preset also works for Adobe Camera Raw, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • Detailed preset installation guide included.

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